SoCal Hockey Events
SoCal Hockey Events
February 17-19, 2012

A/B Division
Coast to Coast - Boca Raton, FL
Delta Jags - Vancouver, BC
Full of Tomfoolery - Mid-Atlanti
Snipers - San Diego, CA
SoCal Chiefs - Garden Grove, CA
Team Chicago - Chicago, IL
United Arms of Montreal - Montreal, QC
Wolves - Calgary, AB

Rec Division
Banana Hammocks - Garden Grove, CA
Biohazard - Garden Grove, CA
Gunners - San Diego, CA
MASHA - Atlanta, GA
9th Round Draft Picks - Garden Grove, CA
Sex Panthers - San Diego, CA
SoCal Kings - Garden Grove, CA
Spiders - San Francisco, CA
Sun Gods - San Diego, CA

February 24-26, 2012

C/D Division
Angry Beavers - Edmonton, AB
Ballhawgs - Calgary, AB
Crease Eaters - Orange County, CA
DC Deathrow - Alexandria, VA
Griffins - Vancouver, BC
Outlaws - Calgary, AB
Red Dragons - Dunellen, NJ
Reign - Portland, OR
SoCal Devils - Orange County, CA
SoCal Misfits - SoCal/CanAm
Sparks - Philadelphia, PA
Storm - Calgary, AB
Take It & Go - Surrey, BC
Tirecraft Studs - Kamloops, BC

Coed Division
Floor Play - Calgary, AB
Heartbreakers - SoCal/CanAm
Jokers - Garden Grove, CA
Sparks Coed - Aston, PA
Team Niagra - Niagra Falls, ON
A Division
Champions:  SoCal Chiefs  (Garden Grove, CA)
Finalists:  Full of Tomfoolery (Mid-Atlantic Region)
MVG:  Steve Miller, SoCal Chiefs
MVP:  Al Pater, Full of Tomfoolery
MVP:  Ryan Nugent, SoCal Chiefs

B Division
Champions:  United Arms of Montreal  (Montreal, QC)
Finalists:  Wolves  (Calgary, AB)
MVG:  Mike Marjaba, Unites Arms of Montreal
MVP:  Paul Gloeckler, Wolves
MVP:  Armen Kizirian, United Arms of Montreal

C Division
Champions:  Misfits (SoCal/CanAm)
Finalists:  Ballhawgs  (Calgary, AB)
MVG:  Dennis Smithson, Misfits
MVP:  John Bearer, Misfits
MVP:  Todd Spycher, Ballhawgs
MVP:  Tyler Hill, Misfits

D Division
Champions:  Take It & Go  (Surrey, BC)
Finalists:  Tirecraft Studs  (Kamloops, BC)
MVG:  Angelo Bordignon, Take It & Go
MVP: Shaun Tarnawsky, Tirecraft Studs
MVP:  Moeed Chaudry, Take It & Go

Rec Division
Champions:  9th Rd Draft Picks (Garden Grove, CA)
Finalists:  The Vig  (Garden Grove, CA)
MVG:  Scott Shinn, 9th Rd Draft Picks
MVP:  David Rodriguez, 9th Rd Draft Picks
MVP:  Aaron Dacuycuy, Banana Hammocks
MVP:  Brian dacuycuy, Banana Hammocks

Coed Division
Champions:  Sparks Coed  (Aston, PA)
Finalists:  Floor Play (Calgary, AB)
MVG:  Raj Chadha, Floorplay
MVP:  Simon Thomas, Sparks Coed
MVP:  Simon Thomas, Sparks Coed
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