SoCal Hockey Events
SoCal Hockey Events
January 15-17, 2010

A/B Division
BASH - San Francisco, CA
Can Am Warriors - Phoenixville, PA
Flyers - Kelowna, BC
Snipers - San Diego, CA
SoCal Chiefs - Garden Grove, CA
Wolves - Calgary, AB

Rec Division
BASH Rec - San Francisco, CA
Child Please - Garden Grove, CA
Highlanders - Riverside, CA
MASHA - Atlanta, GA
Ninth Round Draft Picks - Garden Grove, CA
Sex Panthers - San Diego, CA
SoCal Snipers - Garden Grove, CA
Sun Gods - San Diego, CA
The Vig - Orange, CA

February 22-24, 2010

C/D Division
Angry Beavers - Edmonton, AB
Ballhawgs - Calgary, AB
CanAm Misfits - Orange County, CA
Crease Eaters - Orange County, CA
Deathrow - Alexandria, VA
Gatineau National - Gatineua, QC
Griffins - Vancouver, BC
Howah50 - Raleigh, NC
Northstars - Kamloops, BC
Oceanside ALL IN - Qualicum Beach, BC
Outlaws - Calgary, AB
Quebec Sports Tours - Quebec City, QC
Red 23 - Pittsburgh/Tampa
So Cal Corruption - Orange County, CA
Sparks - Aston, PA
TSR - Boston, MA
Tsunami - Seattle, WA

Women's Division
Dekhockey Ste Jerome - North Montreal, QC
Lady Sparks - Aston, PA
Les Girls - South Montreal, QC

Coed Division
CanAm BHB - Wolcott, CT
Cherry Poppers - Calgary, AB
Heartbreakers - Orange County, CA
Sparks - Aston, PA

A Division
Champions:  CanAm Warriors  (Phoenixville, PA)
Runners-Up:  B.A.S.H.  (San Francisco, CA)
MVG:  Bryce Erb, CanAm Warriors
MVP:  John Carberry, CanAm Warriors
MVP:  Ian Hocking, B.A.S.H.
MVP:  Raymond Dow, CanAm Warriors

B Division
Champions:  SoCal Chiefs  (Garden Grove, CA)
Runners-Up:  Wolves  (Calgary, AB)
MVG:  Steve Miller, SoCal Chiefs
MVP:  Justin Heran, Wolves
MVP:  Paul Budlong, SoCal Chiefs
MVP:  Brendan Burscough, Wolves

C Division
Champions:  Red 23  (Pittsburgh, PA)
Runners-Up:  Gatineau National  (Gatineau, QC)
MVG:  Dan Siegel, Red 23
MVP:  Marc Chenier, Gatineau National
MVP:  Matt Garry, Red 23
MVP:  Maxime Durand, Gatineau National

D Division
Champions:  Ballhawgs  (Calgary, AB)
Runners-Up:  Sparks  (Aston, PA)
MVG:  Lawrick Chang, Ballhawgs
MVP: Steve Chamaa, Ballhawgs
MVP:  Darren Soule, Sparks
MVP:  Jason Mikkelson, Ballhawgs

Rec Division
Champions:  Child Please  (Garden Grove, CA)
Runners-Up:  The Vig  (Orange County, CA)
MVG:  Jeremiah McDonald, Child Please
MVG:  Brendan Burscough, Child Please
MVP:  Brian Dacuycuy, The Vig
MVP:  Justin Heran, Child Please

Women's Division
Champions:  Lady Sparks  (Aston, PA)
Runners-Up:  Dekhockey Ste Jerome (Montreal, QC)
MVG:  Adele King, Lady Sparks
MVP:  Renee Aubin, Dekhockey Ste Jerome
MVP:  Colleen Sedille, Lady Sparks
MVP:  Helene Dion, Dekhockey Ste Jerome

Coed Division
Champions:  CanAm BHB  (Wolcott, CT)
Runners-Up:  Sparks Coed  (Aston, PA)
MVG:  Krista Weston, CanAm BHB
MVP:  Colleen Sedille, Sparks Coed
MVP:  Eric Tardiff, CanAm BHB
MVP:  Joe Marcotte, Sparks Coed